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My name is Viktor Macha, 1984, and I fell in love with this unreplaceable part of our culture when I was a child.

It happened back in the 90‘s when I have seen a blast furnace for the very first time. That giant iron god was standing just over the river and was speaking to me in a language I have never heard before but I understood every single word of it.
It was tremendous and fascinating at once. This experience changed my life forever. In 2008 I bought my first camera and without any knowledge about photography and steel making proces I entered the first factory nearest to my home town. Thus The Beauty of Steel project was

Why? Because this beautiful world of steel must be documented for those who will replace us some day.

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What is steel? Do we even need it when we have social networks, air-conditioned offices and electro bikes?

Of course we do! The pillars of our civilizations are made from steel. Steel forged life as we know it. Steel is a daily part of our life. Steel is everywhere. And most importantly – Steel is Beautiful.

Capturing the essence of the steel industry through pictures becomes a vital endeavor, serving as a visual chronicle of human ingenuity and progress. These images freeze moments in time, preserving the evolution of technology, the sheer scale of infrastructure, and the collaborative spirit that defines our industrial achievements. Photographs become a powerful narrative, documenting the sweat and toil, the triumphs and challenges, allowing future generations to grasp the significance of steel in shaping societies. By visually archiving this dynamic industry, we're not only celebrate its beauty but also create a visual legacy that fosters appreciation and understanding for the integral role steel plays in our shared history and progress.