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Who can become a trusted Photographer?

A Trusted Photographer is an amateur or professional photographer certified by #Beautyofsteel board, to create virtual tours of various locations. Photographers can take high-quality photos of factories, production lines, industrial parks, and other establishments for Steel users to view in different apps and sites.

Everyone with professional equipment, and a passion for steel and manufacturing, can join the ranks of being a #Beautyofsteel -certified photographer. But you must fulfill the requirements before becoming a photographer with this title.

How to join us

Requirements to Become a #BeautyofSteel Trusted Photographer

Completing and passing the necessary qualifications is the first step to becoming a Beautyofsteel Trusted Photographer. These requirements are:

Unfortunately, you can’t, or smartphone camera to submit photos as a Beautyofsteel -certified photographer. Also, rotating your phone camera to produce 360-degree images won’t act as qualified photos. If you’re passionate about becoming a Trusted Photographer, then the first piece of equipment you need to own is a dedicated high-end mirrorless or DSLR camera.

You need to abide by these image qualifications if you want a good shot at becoming a certified photographer. Some of the conditions you need to follow are:

Image resolution of 14 megapixels (5,300 x 2,650 px) or more

2:1 image aspect ratio

No stitching errors

No gaps near the horizon of the image

No clipping in the shadows or highlights

No motion blur

No distracting filters or effects

Now that you have your camera & instructions, it’s time to take about 150 pictures and upload it to the Beauty of steel app. You can still upload photos even if you’re not yet a certified photographer, But it might take awhile before you get approval. Your content will be shared with other members, but without Beautyofsteel Trusted Badge. 

Once you become a Beautyofsteel Trusted Photographer, you can add that title to your portfolio. The team will guide you to target steel & iron companies that try to advertise their offered products to their target audiences in your geo area.

The Benefits of Becoming a Trusted Photographer

Various benefits are in store when you’re a proud holder of the Trusted Photographer badge. These advantages include:


A Digital Badge

You and everyone else who views your photo in the Beauty Of Steel platform will see a white checkmark surrounded by a thick, green border next to your name. This digital badge will help distinguish your images and profile on these apps.



We will also feature your work and profile in the company’s “For Hire” index. Here, your name can pop up when a person is searching for a reliable photographer in their area. This index can be a better way of posting your portfolio as opposed to contacting potential customers one-by-one through traditional marketing techniques.



As a Beautyofsteel Trusted Photographer, you should now have more credibility than amateur photographers looking for freelance gigs. Steel businesses can hire you to take photos of their establishments. Otherwise, other photography enthusiasts might ask you for paid tips on how to become a better photographer.

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