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Koksowniabobrek Bobrek

Historically, the development of the area where the coking plant is now located dates back to 1856. At that time, the Elisenruh property, located in the district of Bobrek in Bytom, was bought for the construction of the steelworks. The construction of the coking plant was completed three years later. After 1870, the land changed hands; as a result of transformations, a new company under the business name of Oberschlesische Hüttenwerke was founded and in 1938, a new coke oven battery was started.

The 45-chamber coke oven battery, which is currently in operation, was built after the war. It has an impressive production capacity of up to 250,000 tonnes per year.

The new brand Koksownia Bytom – based od tradition and experience

Ladies and Gentlemen, by giving our company a new name, so strongly associated with the history of the place, we want to demonstrate our consideration for the industrial traditions of the Bobrek region. Furthermore, we want to draw the attention of the residents of Bytom to the fact that despite its long history, Koksownia Bytom has great prospects for the future. The plant meets all ecological standards and constantly invests to systematically minimise its impact on the environment.

Rafał Szostok, CEO Koksownia Bytom Sp. z o.o.

Image photography

By Viktor Macha in 2005.

Plant facts and figures

The plant have an annual capacity of 250000 tons.

The following processes are conducted in the plant:

  • Coke plant

This plant produces the following type of products:

  • Coal&Iron&Minerals

Full description

Bobrek coke works in the middle of Bytom town district is the very last existent fragment of once important “Huta Bobrek”. Steelworks were founded in the middle of 19th century and the pig iron production wasn´t stopped even by two world wars. Last blast furnace was dismantled in the beginning of 90´s.

Today is the last working battery owned by privat company Carbo-Koks.

The uniqueness of this plant is in coal bunker charging system, which operates with two vertical charging buckets/skips. Unfortunatelly this technology is getting old these days and willl be modernized withing future years.

Main data


The plant is owned by Koksownia Bytom Sp. z o.o.


Plant address: Konstytucji, 41-900 Bytom, Poland


The plant is located in Poland

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