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Kovosvit - odpich kuplovny cl
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Kovosvit Mas Sezimovousti

The origins of KOVOSVIT MAS date back to June 1939, when the construction of the Bata plant in Sezimovo Ústí began. Almost half a year later, in December 1939, production of the first machine tools began. Around this time, the logo – the MAS brand – was also created, which at that time stood for Moravian and Slovak Machine Works (a similar plant was built in Slovakia at that time).

They produce castings for the automotive and shipbuilding industries, for the production of machine tools, forming or agricultural machinery and for many other sectors. The foundry invests in new technologies every year to be able to respond flexibly to the demands of its customers and to maintain the competitiveness of its services.

The total annual capacity of the foundry is 14,000 tonnes of grey and ductile cast iron in the weight range of 2 kg to 13,000 kg per casting.

Image photography

By Viktor Macha in 2005.

Plant facts and figures

The plant have an annual capacity of 50000 tons.

The following processes are conducted in the plant:

  • Foundry

This plant produces the following type of products:

  • Castings

Full description

The Kovosvit company has a more than 70-year tradition of developing and manufacturing machine tools in the Czech Republic.
The original sales segment was to cover the demand of Bať’s shoe factories. However, sales soon expanded beyond the borders of the Zlín empire, and export became a key source of success.

Kovosvit is currently focused mainly on the automotive, energy, aviation and engineering industries.

The current appearance of the foundry premises dates back to 1963. A pair of 900 mm dome furnaces with an output of 6 t/h with a now unique batching system was constructed by the Kovostroj Praha company at the same time as the TOS-MET foundry in Čelákovice. Until the recent modernization and transition to melting in induction furnaces, this was essentially a template-identical operation.

The annual production volume of gray cast iron castings from 80 kg to 9,500 tons is estimated at 11,000 tons.

Main data


The plant is owned by KOVOSVIT MAS Management, a.s.


Plant address: nám. Tomáše Bati 419, 391 02 Sezimovo Ústí, Czechia


The plant is located in Czech Republic

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