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kuznia Batory - lis celk
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0kuznia Batory - lis front
kuznia Batory - lis celk
kuznia Batory - nahý¡vac¡ pec, neretuç
kuznia Batory - d¡lny celk
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Kuznia Batory Chorzow

HUTA BATORY is among the major steel plants throughout Europe. Made of best-class alloys, seamless steel pipes by Huta Batory are intended for companies operating in the power industry, in crude oil and gas processing, in the production of machines, tools and arms, as well as in the construction of power plants (including solar power plants). Huta Batory is one of only few producers of P91 steel for the power industry..

Huta Batory specializes in large-diameter seamless pipes (Ø298–508 mm). Huta Batory also uses 300 types of steel to manufacture ingots, which in turn are used to produce end-products such as bars, forgings and sheets.

Since 2005, individual parts of the divided steelworks have been bought by Alchemia SA, taking over the entire production:

2005 – Huta Batory (100% of shares taken over),
2006 – Batory Serwis renovation company and Batory Research Laboratory,
2007 – Kuźnia Batory.
On the basis of the purchased companies, Alchemia SA established three branches in Chorzów: Walcownia Rur Batory (2014), Stalownia Batory (2014), Kuźnia Batory (2018) and the Purchasing Department and the Sales Department. There is also a subsidiary of the Batory Research Laboratory

Image photography

By Viktor Macha in 2005.

Plant facts and figures

The plant have an annual capacity of 350000 tons.

The following processes are conducted in the plant:

  • Steel making
  • Foundry

This plant produces the following type of products:

  • Ingots
  • Castings

Full description

Batory forge continues with rich, more than 130 years old tradition of steel making and shaping in polish town of Chorzow. The works were formerly established under name “Bismarckhütte”. Current name “Huta Batory” comes from 1933 and even after the disintegration into several smaller companies in 2002 still belongs among the major steel plants in Central Europe.

The only 20 MN forging press is capable to process more than 100 grades of steel.

Main data


The plant is owned by Alchemia SA


Plant address: 16 Lipca 14, 41-506 Chorzów, Poland


The plant is located in Poland

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