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0NLMK Kaluga - ocel rna b
NLMK Kaluga- transportn” v…z b
NLMK Kaluga - kontilit¡ celk
NLMK Kaluga - kontilit” int
NLMK Kaluga - kontilit”
NLMK Kaluga - v lcovna tyŸ¡
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NLMK Kaluga

NLMK Kaluga is a next-generation EAF mill. It is the largest producer of rolled steel for the construction industry in central Russia. At the heart of the NLMK Kaluga project lies the concept of a mini-mill, based on establishing a range of EAF and rolling production facilities near to both sources of raw materials and consumers of the finished product.
The plant was inaugurated in July 2013. NLMK Kaluga is part of Long products Division of NLMK Group, one of the biggest and the most efficient steel producers globally, a leading Russian steel and rolled products manufacturer with high added value.

The capacity of NLMK Kaluga allows producing 1.5 million tonnes of liquid steel and 0.9 million tonnes of rolled products per annum; the plant is equipped with facilities unique for Russia, which are capable of manufacturing the widest range of premium-grade long products for construction purposes.

November,2022 - NLMK launches recycling marketplace

NLMK Group announces the successful completion of its first transactions via Vtorion, an e-commerce platform for the scrap collecting and processing industry (https://vtorion.ru/). The digital platform, which is unique for Russia, is intended to bring market participants together and make the procurement process as efficient and transparent as possible.

The marketplace helps bring transaction costs down for all participants, and offers suppliers direct access to their largest customers – steelmaking companies – and an opportunity to expand their sales market.

Vtorion offers a flexible set of tools tuned to the specifics of scrap collection activities, such as filters by raw material parameters and geography, identifying deals based on volumes and regularity of supplies, e-auctions from one’s personal account, automatic qualification of suppliers, and a simplified electronic document flow.

To date, the platform is populated by a number of leading customers and Vtorchermet NLMK, NLMK Group’s scrap collection network.


Image photography

By Viktor Macha in 2005.

Plant facts and figures

The plant have an annual capacity of 1550000 tons.

The following processes are conducted in the plant:

  • Rolling mill

This plant produces the following type of products:

  • Bars
  • Billets

Full description

The most modern European mini-mill was put into operation in the first half of 2013 in Vorsino (Kaluga region) near Moscow.

Construction steel is produced by 120 t electric arc furnace and secondary metalurgy with eight-strands continuous caster, the very first one in Russia. The steel bars are formed in the section rolling mill constructed by SMS MEER.

The mill was founded by the NLMK corporation and employs 1250 workers.

Main data


The plant is owned by NLMK Russia


Plant address: Ulitsa Lyskina, 20, Vorsino, Kaluga Oblast, Russia, 249022


The plant is located in Russia

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