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Odlewnia Zeliwa - tavba
0Odlewnia Zeliwa - odpich 2
Odlewnia Zeliwa - galvanizace
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Zeliwa Zawiercie

Odlewnia Zeliwa Zawiercie

Odlewnia Żeliwa Śrem S.A., a PGO Group foundry, is a producer of grey, nodular, and alloy cast iron castings for the agricultural machines, automotive, shipbuilding, mining, machine-building and many other industries. Full service is provided to customers by two automatic moulding lines with horizontal mould partition, one semi-automatic moulding line, two hand moulding lines, and the machining department. Cast iron foundry has over 135 years tradition and extensive experience in the production of fittings made of white malleable cast iron, including black fitting and galvanized fittings, as well as iron castings.

Odlewnia Zawiercie SA manufactures malleable iron fittings and machine castings made to individual customer orders from various types of cast iron: - malleable, - weldable, - spheroidal.

It produces over 600 types of connector sizes for use in water, central heating and gas installations: - dimensions: from 1/4 to 4 inches. The company also produces cooperative castings made of white malleable, weldable, vermicular and nodular cast iron. Recipients of the Foundry: - automotive industry, - energy industry, - mining industry, - machine industry, - railway industry.

November 2021, A company from China takes over Odlewnia Zawiercie. UOKiK: there is no threat

In April, the Chinese tycoon in the field of production for fire protection, water supply, gas and electricity submitted an application to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) for consent to take up 100 percent of its shares. shares in Odlewnia Zawiercie. The Office did not see any "threats to public order, safety and health" in this transaction. UOKiK explains that it investigated the case of a Polish company being taken over by a foreign one, because it also holds a license to manufacture ammunition.

The foundry can produce ammunition. Consent of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is required for the takeover


Image photography

By Viktor Macha in 2005.

Plant facts and figures

The plant have an annual capacity of 50000 tons.

The following processes are conducted in the plant:

  • Foundry

This plant produces the following type of products:

  • Castings

Full description

In 1886 entrepreneur Ernest Erbe founded a small forge in Łośnica village and started manufacture of agricultural implements. Great interest and sales of such products resulted the establishment of the first foundry, which was built in 1892 in the northern part of Zawiercie.

Manufacture of agricultural machineries soon exceeded the borders of a Erbe´s factory and gained monopoly over the entire Prussia. It became famous under the name “Fabryka Łączników and Wyrobow rope-Kutych Ernest Erbe.”

Successful years were interrupted by the First World War, production was restarted in 1920.

After World War II the plant went through major upgrades t and the manufacture range expanded. New cupola furnaces were put in operation and the annual output reaches 3000 tons of grey iron casts.

After 1996 the foundry is detached from former group Ferrum and cupolas are replaced by modern induction technology. Today the production segment is focused on water systems casts and components for the automotive industry.

Main data


The plant is owned by PGO Group


Plant address: Leśna 10, 42-400 Zawiercie, Poland


The plant is located in Poland

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