19 March 2024

The Beauty of Steel: the first visual online database of steel mills

*Source: https://gmk.center/en/news/the-beauty-of-steel-the-first-visual-online-database-of-steel-mills/

The new platform is a testament to the innovation and creativity of the steel industry

The Beauty of Steel project, the first and largest visual database of the world’s largest steel mills, has been officially launched. The platform contains a variety of photos and information and is designed to show the aesthetics of the steel industry.

This is stated in a press release received by GMK Center.

The project aims to show readers from around the world the innovation and creativity of the steel industry. Information on the portal is presented in English. Users have the opportunity to register. The site will feature an interactive geomap, filters, authentic stories and user-generated content.

«At the heart of «The Beauty of Steel» lies a comprehensive online repository, accessible to enthusiasts, professionals, and the community alike. Our online platform  serves as a gateway to a treasure trove of stunning visuals, insightful articles, and compelling narratives that underscore the aesthetic splendor of steel,» the project’s authors note.

The idea of the project was to attract users from all over the world to share their experiences and views and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

The Beauty of Steel goes beyond the website, thanks to its active presence on various social media. The project can be followed on the largest pages of the steel community on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, using the hashtag #beautyofsteel to stay in touch and join the discussion.

«We believe that steel is more than just a material; it’s a canvas for creativity and expression,» says Viktor Macha, Founder and CEO of «The Beauty of Steel.» «With our platform, we aim to celebrate the intrinsic allure of steel while fostering a community of enthusiasts who share our passion for its aesthetic potential. Since 2008, we have documented more than 355 factories on 5 continents and in more than 33 countries. This is only the beginning.»

About the project: The Beauty of Steel is the first and largest visual database dedicated to celebrating the aesthetic allure of steel. Through our comprehensive online platform and vibrant social media presence, we aim to reshape perceptions and foster a community of enthusiasts who share our passion for the beauty of steel. Join us in exploring the endless possibilities of this remarkable material.

By Andriy Shevchuk